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PureLean Homegrown Beef is 100% naturally raised and a healthy alternative to conventional store bought beef.  Our beef is lower in fat, calories and bad cholesterol than conventional beef and is a great option for beef lovers looking to know where their beef came from. Our beef products are USDA inspected.

Our PureLean cattle are 100% naturally raised and are watered with that same clean Missouri water that we drink in the house.  The American Heart Association Certifies Extra Lean Ground Beef as Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet.

Finally, Rockin’ R Ranch PureLean Homegrown Beef contain no antibiotics or hormones, which have been linked to a host of cancers, developmental issues and immune disorders.

Our herd was developed first to feed our own family and we began to sell to friends after they tasted the steaks, roast or ground beef at Mom’s table.

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